Saturday, February 5, 2011

Two Recent Still Lifes

Here are two still lifes that I recently completed. (oil on linen of course) The top is 18x24, I painted it over last summer and had to take it down when I moved studios. It is based around the small robin in the front, that is my mother's and has always sat out at her house as long as I can remember. Compositionally I'm not so sure how strong it is and there are a couple of areas that didn't I didn't finish as highly as I would like to, but it is a a definite step forward from my last large still life. Directly under it is an 8x10 still life of a tea pot that my Dad brought home from China years ago. I'm trying to do a number of small still lifes over the next year or so that are specifically for a growth in my technical skills, I'm trying to finish each one to a higher level. Tea pot still life is available: 450.00

Thursday, February 3, 2011


8x10 Oil on linen, I painted this one day study on this past Tuesday. As part of my Birthday celebration, my mom watched my kids so I could have four uninterrupted hours to work, and rather than work on a larger painting, I decided to do this small one, because even though there was a blizzard warning, it's February and I'm thinking spring.

Dragon Fan (in progress)

Currently on the easel: 16X20 "The Dragon Fan" I am almost done with the first layer of opaque painting. Here are the pictures of the first drawing on canvas, I then inked it in with india ink because of the detail in the fan, and the wash in, a transparent layer of oil thinned with turp.