Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three day work week

With only three days to work this week, a panel for my new painting in transit, and no current paintings in the easel, I decided to take a week to do some daily paintings, Tuesday I painted cherries, Wednesday I did a master copy of an Ingres portrait, and Thursday decided to torture myself with Hydrangeas ( I suck at painting flowers). Overall it was a good week, nice to do some stress free work, be a little looser with brush work and not worry about finishing.

Hydrangeas 11x14

Bag of Cherries 8x10

Ingres Copy 8x10

Nest 20x24

"Nest" 20x24 oil on linen
The last of my winter/spring paintings to come off the easel. Since January, I've done 4 paintings, which, considering they were all pretty large, I'm very pleased. Here is one of my "still life with master copy" that I've done a number of over the past year. Bougereau's "Rest" is in the background, with a still life set up of birds in a nest in the foreground. To be honest, this painting was a struggle, not because it was difficult, but because I got very very bored with it. Almost right from the start I had to force it. I'm not sure if it was because I wasn't in the mood for a still life, or because I've painted these elements so many times before, or what, but the only part I actually enjoyed painting was the crumpled paper nest. But at any rate, I pushed through and finished it, even if it is not as high a finish as I generally like.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


"Interlude" 24x30 

 Here is the companion piece to my earlier painting "Allegory of Poetry" (see below) "Interlude" is 24x30, and I have found that I actually like it better and think it turned out better than the original painting.  At any rate it makes a wonderful addition to the series.  I have three paintings planned for this series, "Allegory" "Interlude" and "Grace" that I will start on soon.  I feel like each time I paint the girls, I capture them a little better.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Fighter

"The Fighter" 24x30 Oil on linen on board
Here's something new, and a little different from what I've been doing lately.With "The Fighter" I was trying to capture a moment of preparation, a calm before a storm. The concept is more about the interior, a mental space inhabited by the fighter, rather than the action itself. The boxer is wrapping his hands and mentally preparing for the bout before him.  While the moment is quiet, it is also fraught with tension and anticipation, not a moment of serenity but of focus and controlled intensity.