Sunday, November 16, 2014

Catching Up

Well...It's been a while, more than a year in fact, luckily not much happened in the past year.
In my last post I was about to leave for my two person art show in Butler PA, right outside Pittsburgh. The show went great, looked beautiful, got a couple of nice write ups in the papers and over all was a great experience!
The show 

The opening

A couple of my models showed up!

And a nice belly shot

I got home from that trip and had a baby two weeks later. I can't believe that she will be 1 next week!
There she was then..

Here she is now!
And all my little monsters
 The winter was the polar vortex, and I spent the 40 below zero days cuddling the baby and resting. Somewhere in that time I got it in my head that the next step for my career should be a master's degree. I blame the drugs they put me on after the c-section. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea at the time. I filled out forms, wrote essays, and put together my portfolio, and before February was over I was accepted to the the graduate school at Northern Illinois University, with an assistantship to boot.
take my picture here!
The summer saw my work off to two different shows. One at The Wright Museum of Art in Beloit WI, and the other at Women Painting Women at Principle Gallery, Charlseton SC.
"Serenity" Went to Women painting Women at the Principle Gallery

And "Interlude" went to the Wright Museum of Art
And this fall has been the beginning of a new adventure in the academic art world. Balancing the family and school is a challenge, but a worthwhile one. So far, I've only made one painting, but I've read a ton and written about 40 pages for art history classes! I have however gotten to do plenty of figure drawing (see the last post) Hopefully next semester, will see a lot more art being made in art school!
Day of the Dead painting for Graduates first year show


Weekly Figure Sketching

Although I have spent more time this semester writing papers than making art, I have been able to get back into the habit of drawing the figure from life. These are all short poses, most about 30-45 minutes. (There is one in the middle that I got to work longer)