Sunday, October 9, 2011

(IN)organic: oil on copper

Here's a fun one I did a while back. I took copper sheeting and nailed it to a 1x8 piece of oak. The copper is so soft that I just wrapped it around the edges almost like wrapping canvas. Then I took a scouring pad and went to town on it, roughing up the surface so the paint would adhere, and distressed the edges, pounding it with a hammer. I laid flake white down for the "paper", clouding it out as I went up. The technical drawing is a helicopter part, and then I placed the Lily over, going past the paper into the cloudy part to emphasize the natural/organic.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Place Setting

I should subtitle this one : "ellipses are hard to paint" Here is the still life I have going. I'm doing an entirely different set up from my normal work. It is in front of a window, so it's lit from behind, casting the whole scene in shadow. I have the underpainting and the first layer done at this point, with a lot of work to go. As I head into next week my primary focus will be getting my shapes right, and developing the airiness of the shadows. This is a neat challenge for me. 14x18