Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hanging the Wash

18x24 oil on linen. This Painting is currently in the winter show at the Water Street Studios gallery. I painted this one off a photograph Joe took of Verity and I hanging the sheets on the line while we were on vacation at my grandmother's farm. Don't worry it's not a self portrait, for all of you thinking "hey, isn't her hair darker and isn't she a bit heftier than that?" I've always liked genre paintings, especially mothers and children. Rather than try for a tightly rendered finished version, I did this alla prima and tried to keep a fresh feeling to the brush strokes. Available at Water Street Studios in Batavia: 950.00

Here's a link to the blog of another artist at Water Street who does wonderful vintage inspired mixed media work Rebecca Ersfeld for Vintage Living.

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Rebecca said...

Hey Leah
You didn't mention your blog! This is fun...
I will link your name to the post
Loved working with you today