Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I did on Summer Vacation

Well, it's been a busy summer, but a good one and I accomplished a number of things. I moved my studio, which I have mixed feelings about. I loved being in the artist community at Water Street Studios. It was great to be around other artists, to have people to talk to an lots of opportunities. However, my new place is a much more logical fit right now.

I've moved to a house that my husband and I own. It was the house we bought as newlyweds but then moved out of before our second child was born to a much bigger place a few blocks away. Anyway, for the past few years we've been renting it out since we were unable to sell it, but last year our tenants moved out and we decided not to be landlords anymore (since we kinda hated it). So rather than the property sitting empty and me paying rent somewhere else we consolidated.

The advantages are, hey it's a whole house, I have lots of room to spread out and the kids have plenty of room to run and play. Also, it is five blocks from my house, and Ty's school, which I really like.

My main studio area is 12x24, plus I have a room for storage, a room for all the kids play stuff, a reception/office room and of course a kitchen.

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