Friday, May 18, 2012

Gathering Flowers

24x36 Maybe this one should be titled "check out how much I've improved".  I repainted a painting I did in the fall of 2010.  I was never really happy with it so I decided to fix it, and so much was wrong that fixing it turned into completely repainting it.  It's a portrait of my cousin picking flowers on my Grandmother's farm.  The bottom photo is what I painted earlier, the likeness wasn't very good, the proportions were off, the background was boring and I didn't finish it very well.  Now I have a much better likeness, the pose is still a little stiff, but I couldn't do much about that, so I changed the background to give it some rhythm.  I also fixed the proportions, made her taller and gave her a smaller head, I also changed the position of the hands.  Basically the only thing I kept was the bush in the bottom left.

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Rachel said...

You really have caught her likeness so much better the second go around. Wow! Great portrait!