Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'm doing more quick sketches lately inspired by my seven year old who draws incessantly, so I thought I should post more as well.  The top is the stump of a tree that I took out of my backyard last week.  I'd been waiting for two years to see if it was worth saving, but year after year, fewer leaves came out and more branches were dead all the way through.  It was a Harry Lauder Walking Stick, which is an awesome small tree because of it's curly branches so I was disappointed that it didn't root well.  But after I took it out, it looked interesting sitting on my grass in the fading light, and so I decided to draw it. So the upside is that I got a neat sketch and I put in a small pond where the tree was. Under it is a sketch of my daughter, taking a much needed and unfortunately exceedingly rare nap.

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